Q. How do I create an account?
A. Create an account by registering here: https://holditpatterns.com/my-account/edit-account/

Q. Where do I find my patterns?
A. Your patterns are available by logging in to your account at: https://holditpatterns.com/my-account/. Then, click on “My Downloadable Files”.

Q. Why isn’t my email recognized when I log in to my account?

You may be using the wrong email address. Either your account was registered under another email or you may not have yet created an account. You may register an account here: https://holditpatterns.com/my-account/. Be sure to note the email address you use for future reference.

Q. Why can’t I print my pattern?

Unfortunately, while this is not a common problem, it does happen from time to time, amongst other designers as well.
The following may be helpful in printing your PDF files:
1. Be sure that you have first saved the PDF. Then open the saved version and print from it.
2. Be sure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader. Adobe frequently fixes printing related problems in updates.Adobe is a free program available here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/
3. Be sure you have the latest version of your printer driver software installed.
4. Be sure your printer setting is at 100% (if pieces are printing the wrong size)
5. You may want to try printing from another printer and see if it prints correctly. Evidently, some printers just don’t communicate well with software and devices.

Q. What if I have another question not covered here?
I’m eager to ensure your best sewing experience! Please reach out to me at: https://holditpatterns.com/contact