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How to Use Iron-on Vinyl

The Go Baby Mini Diaper Bag features a fold over flap with a roomy pocket. It’s ideal for tucking baby’s essentials in, and the perfect candidate for iron-on vinyl. A vinyl surface makes wiping up inevitable spills a snap.

Title photo


3 - View of Iron On Vinyl product

Thermoweb Heat n Bond Iron-on Vinyl is available by the yard, or pre-packaged, in both matte and gloss.  Other similar products are:  Pellon 100 Vinyl Fuse, Legacy L-100 Vinyl Fuse, Vilene Lamifix Iron-On Vinyl Film, to name a few.

1 - Piece D with interfacing.jpg

Since Iron-on Vinyl will add stiffness to your project, I recommend using a lighter interfacing than you ordinarily would.  Here, I used a medium weight woven interfacing, Pellon 101, rather than the heavier Pellon 808 interfacing my pattern calls for.  Cut out your fabric and interfacing, as instructed in the Go Baby Mini Diaper Bag pattern.


  • Thermoweb Heat n Bond Vinyl, or similar Iron-On Vinyl
  • Iron
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Cotton fabric
  • Pattern Piece D from Go Baby Mini Diaper Bag
  • Medium weight Interfacing (Pellon SF 101)

Let’s get started!

2 - Fuse SF 101 to WS of Piece D.jpg

(1) Begin by fusing the interfacing to the wrong side (WS) of your Flap Zipper Pocket Lining.


4 - On the Iron-on Vinyl backing, trace around the pattern piece

(2) Use your Flap Zipper Pocket Lining piece as a template for cutting out your Iron-On vinyl.  Place the prepared lining on the vinyl backing.  Use a pencil to draw around it. Trace two pieces for your lining.

5 - Cut out traced pieces - Trim approx 1 inch

(3) Cut out your Iron-On Vinyl pieces.  I recommend trimming away approximately 1″ square on each bottom curved edge.  This reduces the bulk in the zipper seam allowances later on.

6 - Peel away backing

(4) Peel the backing off of the Iron-On Vinyl.

7 - Place the sticky side on the RS.jpg

(5) Place the sticky side of the Vinyl on the right side (RS) of the fabric pocket lining pieces.  Smooth the vinyl over the fabric with your hands.  Keep the backing; you will need it for fusing in a moment.


8 - Turn off steam

(6) Turn off the steam setting on your iron.  Set the heat to medium.

9 - place waxy side on top of vinyl.jpg

(7) Place the waxy side of the Vinyl backing on top of the vinyl-covered pocket lining.


10 - Press for 6 to 8 seconds using med heat.jpg

(8) Slowly, firmly press your iron over the backing sheet covering your vinyl.  Hold your iron in one spot for 6 to 8 seconds.  Do not let your iron touch the uncovered area.

11 - Move vinyl backing to finish fusing pocket lining.jpg

(9) Move the backing sheet to cover the remainder of the pocket lining.  Continue to fuse the vinyl to the pocket lining.  Repeat with the second pocket lining piece.

12 - On teh WS press for 3 to 5 seconds.jpg

(10) Flip the pocket over.  Place the backing sheet on the WS of the pocket lining.  Press each area for 3-5 seconds.  Move the backing sheet to finish fusing the remainder of the lining pocket.  Repeat with the second pocket lining piece.

13 - laminated pocket lining pieces.jpg

Your fully laminated pocket lining pieces will be hot to the touch, so give them a minute to cool before handling.  You’re ready to move on with your sewing!


14 - Use a hair dryer to get out wrinkles.jpg

TIP:  Wrinkles to your finished pocket lining can be melted out with the heat of a hair dryer.  Hold your hair dryer approximately three inches from the pocket lining until the wrinkles disappear.

Wrinkles before using hair dryer….

15 - Before....jpg

And, after….

16 - After.jpg

TIP:  To touch-up press the outside of your finished Go Baby Mini Diaper Bag, insert the vinyl backing sheet into the pocket.  This will prevent the laminated lining pocket from fusing together while you press.

17 - Insert vinyl backing into zip pocket when pressing exterior.jpg

Fill your Go Baby Mini Diaper Bag with a tiny person’s necessities, and…GO!

18 - Laminated Flap zip pocket lining.jpg

Go Baby collage - Watermelon print

(cotton prints above by Blend Fabrics)

I hope you found this tutorial helpful!

Iron-on Vinyl is simple to use and great for bibs, baby changing pads, lunch bags, totes, cosmetic bags, placemats and loads of other sewing projects.  Go forth, and laminate!