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Sewing Swap Handmade Gift Exchange


Highlights from our Sewing Swap


Last month, members of the Hold it Right there Pattern Group on Facebook swapped Winslet Wallets.


Based on the input given in the sign-up questionnaire, Sewing Swap participants created a Winslet Wallet with their partner in mind. In return, the swap partner also received a Winslet Wallet sewn especially for them.  Many swap partners included goodies and fun items along with the handmade wallets.


created by Patricia


How lovely it was in this most challenging year to open the mailbox to a gorgeous handmade surprise!


created by Cara


Over 70 group members participated and spanned many locations including:  United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Belgium, Hungary, and Australia.  Fabric preferences ranged from modern to vintage, and from fandom to batik.   While some participants have sewn many bags, others were new to bag making.  Beyond our common love of sewing, other interests amongst swap partners included:  gardening, painting, reading, sports, cooking, crochet, camping, jewelry making, and quilting.


created by Caitlin


None of the swap partners knew each other in real life (as far as I know!).  While some expressed nervousness creating a Winslet Wallet for someone they had never met, we delighted in seeing the beautiful creations recipients posted on our Facebook group.  The thoughtfulness that went into each gift brightened the day of every swap partner.


Created by Juliet


In January, we will begin sign ups for our next sewing swap, the Ludlow Wristlet!  If you’d like to participate, please join the Hold it Right There Pattern group HERE.


Here are just some of the many beautiful Winslet Wallets made by our group members.