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Spark Your Creativity!

Browse the innovative Go Baby Organizers made by my Testers!




As the Go Baby Organizer passed through the hands of my testers, it became an art supply organizer, sewing bag, first aid kit, travel organizer, mini diaper bag, and more.

The Lookbook showcases the imaginative and beautiful versions made by my talented team of testers.



Scroll below for a sneak peak of each tester’s Go Baby Organizer!



Created by Shantell of LAVIGNE’S




Created by Ulrike of The Busy Sewing Room





Created by Jacqueline of raketenfrau




Created by Muriel of Cocotte and Co. Creations




Created by Nancy of igelgesicht




Created by Cara of Early Bird Stitches




Created by Noelle of Old Dog Sewing



Created by Michelle of Barabooboo Designs




Created by evey bentham




Created by Chera of Phipody




Created by Sabrina of Bags & More



Created by Veshka of Iknits Designs



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