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Ludlow Wristlet Sew Along Tutorial Videos

If you’ve ever gotten stuck reading sewing pattern instructions, this series is for you!

The Ludlow Wristlet Sew Along Tutorial Videos walk you through every step of the pattern.  Detailed videos accompanied by narrated instructions arm you with all you need to make this fun wristlet!  Well, except for choosing the fabric!  That, we all know, is the hardest part!

The series divides the sewing pattern steps into the following six videos:

  • Video 1 – Description & Supplies – View the unique features of the Ludlow Wristlet sewing pattern and the supplies you need to make it! Enjoy testers’ and customers’ visions of the pattern.
  • Video 2 – Overview & Fabric Prep – Find out the unique features of this Hold it Right There sewing pattern. Prepare fabric pieces with interfacing.
  • Video 3 – Add the accent piece to the Ludlow Wristlet.  Prepare the zippers for installation.
  • Video 4 – Create a unique front zippered pocket perfect for your phone.
  • Video 5 – Eliminate the need for a wallet by adding eight card pockets and one slip pocket to the Ludlow Wristlet interior.
  • Video 6 -Finish the constructing the Ludlow Wristlet.  Add a wristlet strap


To view the entire playlist on my YouTube channel, click HERE.

To purchase the Ludlow Wristlet sewing pattern, click HERE.

I hope you find the series helpful & that it sparks your creativity!