You are currently viewing NEW VIDEO: How to Add Waist Bag Connectors

NEW VIDEO: How to Add Waist Bag Connectors

Transform three of my bag patterns into Belt Bags!

Whether you call it a bum bag, fanny pack, waist bag, or belt bag, you’ll love all the great features of the Ludlow, Delmar, and Clarendon bags with this fun, hands-free trend!


I now have a new sew along tutorial video to walk you through every step.


This bonus sewing pattern is included with the purchase of any of these three bag patterns from my website.  This bonus pattern is also available for download to members of my Facebook Pattern Group.

Enjoy the Card Pockets and Phone pockets of the original bags transformed to wear around your waist.

Delmar Wristlet transformed into a Belt Bag


The Waist Bag Connectors sew up quickly and easily. Choose from either the D-Ring Version or the Eyelet/Grommet Version.

Ludlow as a Belt Bag with Eyelet Connectors


Clip the adjustable belt to the connectors, and you have a beautiful, wearable bag.

Clarendon Crossbody Wallet converted to a Belt Bag


Ludlow with D-Ring version of Waist Belt Connectors



I’d love to see your vision for this bonus pattern!  What’s your take on it?  Be sure to tag me on Instagram! #holditrighttherepatterns