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Roxbury Pouch & Sewing Therapy

I’m thrilled to have released by first sewing pattern of 2020!  It’s a fun, quick, easy, useful scrap buster:  the Roxbury Pouch.

The Roxbury Pouch comes in three sizes and can be made in two ways:

(Version 1 – With Elastic) This easy zippered pouch secures to any sized journal, planner, or notebook with an elastic band.

(Version 2 – Without Elastic) The Roxbury Pouch corrals loose items of all kinds. Make all three sizes for a darling trio of pouches.

A great scrap buster, this pattern requires minimal materials and time to create, making the Roxbury Pouch a simple and enjoyable project for new and experienced sewists alike.

Small 2 1/2” H x 7” W

Medium 3” H x 8” W

Large 4” H x 8 3/4” W



As my Facebook Group knows, my oldest child had open heart surgery in October.  While he was in surgery, I embroidered a small bag panel to ease my anxious heart.  It’s been a long rough ride but he is now doing really well and pain free!

Needless to say, my mind and heart were far from sewing last fall.  It was a very rocky and difficult time for my family.  In December, I did manage to sew two small pouches for my two sisters’ birthdays.  These simple projects brought me so much joy.  They were pure therapy for my soul.

As life calmed down and I began thinking about sewing again, I decided to develop a pattern for just such times in life when there’s little opportunity to create, but it is so restorative to do so.  The simple Roxbury Pouch came about as a result.

Yesterday, I remembered that panel I embroidered in the hospital waiting room, found it after some searching, and turned it into a Roxbury Pouch for my journal.


It’s always a pleasure to collaborate with my wonderful team of testers.  I learn so much from them & grow into a better sewist and bag designer with each test.  They are incredibly generous with their time, talent & creativity.  I  find all their takes on this pattern so inspiring.  I am sure you will, too!