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Watch SiahSwag Make the Clarendon Crossbody Wallet

If you’ve never watched Kassiah make a bag on her YouTube channel, you’re missing out!

Her explanations are so clear and she has the ability to make you feel like you’re right there in her sewing room with her.  I’m so thrilled Kassiah featured the Clarendon Crossbody Wallet in her latest sewing video.

Didn’t her bag turn out beautifully?  Kassiah added zipper tabs to her Clarendon, using the new method found HERE.  Besides being lovely accents, the zipper tabs made it so much easier for her to top-stitch around the flap.

Did you know Kassiah sells bag making supplies on her website?  Those zipper pulls are so fun (true confession, I just bought some myself!).

Look at all the beautiful finishes!




I think that’s about as perfect a bag for summer as I can think of!  Well done!


Thanks, Kassiah!  It’s a pleasure to watch your videos and I am honored you featured one of my patterns!











Clarendon Crossbody Wallet by Hold It Right There Patterns – YouTube