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Have you seen the Corcoran Crossbody Bag Lookbook?


This digital publication showcases the varied and beautiful bags made by my talented team of testers.

Seeing each pattern tester’s take on a sewing pattern never gets old!  I ooh and ahh over each one!

As unique as its maker, no two bags are the same.  From the color palettes to the choices of fabric, each Corcoran Crossbody Bag stands alone.

Whether adding top-stitching, piping, or graphics, testers found many ways to express their creativity.  Some testers improvised the pattern by using waxed canvas, cork, or vinyl, as well as substituting seatbelt webbing for the strap,


Looking to spark your imagination?

You’ll find loads of inspiration from these unique takes on the Corcoran Crossbody Bag


While you won’t want to miss paging through the Corcoran Crossbody Bag Lookbook,  I want to give you a glimpse of each tester’s bag below.  Enjoy scrolling!

Created by Muriel of Cocotte and Co. Creations



Created by Shantell of LAVIGNE’S



Created by Ulrike of The Busy Sewing Room



Created by Christine of Hammerstitch


Created by Michelle of Barabooboo Designs



Created by Nancy of igelgesicht



Created by Jacqueline of raketenfrau




Created by Chera of Phipody




Created by Veshka of Iknits Designs




Created by Noor of Wet Nose Creations



Created by Cara of Early Bird Stitches




Created by evey bentham





Created by Andrea of Patch4you




Created by Sabrina of Bags & More



Created by Laura of Totes Adorbs




What’s YOUR vision for the Corcoran Crossbody Bag?


I’d love to see your take on this sewing pattern!   Tag me on Instagram @hold_it_right_there !


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